Laurent Ferrier Geneve


Progressively, sustainably, its name is becoming established in the circle of independent haute horlogerie: "Laurent Ferrier". Are we talking about a man? A brand? Of a Laurent Ferrier, this exceptional watch?

In truth, the distinction is irrelevant. Coherence and consistency are what counts. The man embodies the brand, his timepieces embody his workshops, which are the result of a watchmaking career already spanning almost 40 years.

Connoisseurs are keenly aware that acquiring a Laurent Ferrier means adopting a whole history, a brand, an expertise, and a timepiece that incorporates this entire set of values.

Laurent Ferrier Microtor
Laurent and Christian Ferrier

Longstanding Family Tradition

However, this achievement is not that of a single visionary, but of a family tradition. Laurent Ferrier, the man, hails from a watchmaking family that goes back three generations. Born in Geneva in 1946, he took comprehensive watchmaker’s training at the Geneva school of watchmaking.

After graduating, he began his career with the development of prototype movements, thus becoming familiar with the construction of haute horlogerie calibres, and in 1974, was entrusted with the creative design and development of timepieces in the purest horological traditions.

This holistic vision, perfected over several decades, would profoundly mark Laurent Ferrier’s trajectory: that of a man who thinks ahead to production during the development process, who foresees finishing in parallel with construction, and who devotes equal attention to aesthetic and technical considerations.

Laurent and Christian Ferrier

Did you know?

A keen automobile enthusiast and instinctively gifted driver, Laurent Ferrier won third place in the overall ranking of the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1979, at the wheel of a Porsche 935T. His performance was all the more remarkable in that all the other drivers on the podium were professionals!

In the euphoria of this third place, Laurent and his partner, equally impassioned by watchmaking, set themselves a challenge – to create their own watch – that would be met 30 years later. Thus were sown the very first seeds of a will to create an independent haute horlogerie workshop, without knowing that it would be called "Laurent Ferrier" at the turn of the next century...